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If you need help with a business dispute in the Los Angeles Area, call me, Walter W. Moore, at 310.859.9754.

I graduated with honors from Princeton and Georgetown Law, was an Editor of
The Georgetown Law Journal, and have successfully represented clients in state and federal courts and in arbitration for over 15 years.

There is no charge for the initial consultation, and you will not be my client unless and until we have a signed, written fee agreement. I will welcome your call.
In the meantime, here's some free advice. Before you hire any lawyer to represent you in a dispute, ask him these questions:

  • Trials. Is he a trial lawyer, or just a litigation attorney? Many "litigation attorneys" have never actually tried a case in front of a judge and jury. You — and your adversary — need to know that your lawyer can go all the way to trial if necessary.

  • Victories. What cases has he actually won? Past performance is no guarantee of future results, as they say, but you want an advocate who has won contested cases against impressive adversaries.

  • Education. Where did he go to school? The law is incredibly complicated. It's okay to be a snob when it comes to hiring a lawyer. "Book smarts" aren't everything, but they help.

  • Efficiency. What methods, if any, does he use to control costs? Litigation can be insanely expensive. People often wind up spending more on legal fees than the amount in controversy. You want a real victory, not a Pyrrhic victory.

  • Fees. How much does he charge? Nearly all lawyers offer hourly rates. Some of us, however, offer the option of a flat monthly fee, so clients known in advance how much they will have to pay for legal services.

Now that you know what questions to ask, give me a call at 310.859.9754, and let's talk about how to resolve your dispute efficiently and fairly.
I am with Tepper & Associates, A Professional Corporation, located at 9454 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 800, Beverly Hills, California; I live in Pasadena; and I handle cases in Los Angeles and Santa Monica. So if you're anywhere in the Los Angeles area, you're close enough. Call me or
click here to send me an email today.
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